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Masonry Restoration by Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC

A lot of ancient professions have evolved over time, and at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we’re proud to be practicing one of them. Dating as far back as 10,000 BC, stonemasons have had a major role to play in our evolution as a society when it comes to infrastructure. As masonry contractors, our team is experienced in newer construction and technology, but we’re also invested in older construction.

Historic masonry restoration is a skill that takes education, time, patience, and a degree of artistry. It’s important that you rely on masonry restoration experts to complete these jobs so that older brick and stone is not damaged in the process.

In fact, many of the jobs we perform are due to failed attempts at repair and restoration over the years.

If you’re the owner of a historic masonry home that could use some TLC, give us a call today.

Historically Important

Even masonry restoration contractors can have an appreciation for new construction, but at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we think it’s important to acknowledge just how important it is to keep historical buildings around and in good condition.

The Pyramids, The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum, and The Taj Mahal all have something in common aside from being wonders of the world—they are all created with stonemasonry.

And, while concrete restoration isn’t something everyone would associate with classic masonry restoration, this material was used in its earlier forms for these monuments as well!

Masonry restoration companies work with brick, stone, and concrete, bringing weathered structures back to life through detailed, quality work.

Materials of the Trade

While we work with a wide variety of tools in our trade, our materials are a little more limited.


Brick structures were built to last over 100 years. Because of this, some may wonder why there are brick restoration companies. While brick is very durable, it is also porous, leaving it open to expansion and water damage over time.


Stones are pretty solid as well, right? They are, but they also are prone to erosion over time with constant exposure to the elements, not to mention, the mortar used to hold them to one another wears away much faster than the stones themselves.


When we assess for concrete restoration, we look for rebar corrosion, abrasion, and freeze-thaw deterioration. Concrete is prone to cracking as it ages, but luckily for you, we can fix that with ease!

Restore, Don’t Replace

When it comes to masonry restoration, there’s no question of whether or not you should do it. Hiring historic masonry restoration contractors will not put you in debt, it will save you money over time. Homes constructed from stone, brick, and concrete, are eco-friendly, and have superior insulation ability.

Making those quick fixes to your home will strengthen it and leave you with a strong and impressive home that will last centuries if you let it! So, call us today and we’ll book a free consultation and get started making your home more amazing than ever before.

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