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Masonry Repair by Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC

When you’re investing in any sort of masonry work, you expect it to last a lifetime. After all, the pyramids, the Parthenon and hundreds of other famous ancient structures have stood the test of time. So, what do you do when your masonry isn’t holding up so well?

First off—know that this is normal! Masonry restoration is a common practice and at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC, we’re the experts.

While your masonry home is not going to fall apart any time soon, you may see some cracking and other minor damages. It’s important to deal with these as you see them, so they don’t start a bigger problem. And, with the proper maintenance, your masonry will be lasting a lifetime or longer.

We Can Repair Anything!

You may or may not be surprised at the variety of masonry services that we offer as residential masonry contractors. Stone, brick, and concrete, can be susceptible to a range of damages and knowing the right techniques to not only fix them, but make sure it doesn’t happen again for a good long time, is something we pride ourselves in.

Masonry that is beginning to crack, spall, flake, or pit, usually does so because of water damage. What is spalling? It’s when brick is exposed to water and the elements, especially freezing, causing it to lose small pieces, flake, and pit. A problem like this can only get worse over the years, making it important to address immediately.

Especially in the case of a chimney experiencing this issue, you’ll need to get the problem addressed as soon as possible, as we’re sure you can imagine what falling bits of masonry could do to those below! In the case of masonry chimney repair, we can be on the job immediately depending on the severity.

Stone and concrete especially are also prone to staining over time. It’s not simple to get the stains out, but at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we have the tools to get it done.

Brick Repointing

Brick homes are impressive and a great investment that will save you on energy bills and last a lifetime. However, the mortar that holds your bricks together isn’t quite as sturdy as the bricks themselves. Cracks in brick mortar are quite common, especially at the joints, or “points”.

When brick pointing begins to fall apart, it’s an affordable and necessary fix. If you put it off, bricks can begin absorbing water, causing bigger problems such as spalling and cracking due to expansion!

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The licensed, bonded, and insured team of experienced masonry contractors at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC are always ready to get to work on a new job.

Offering competitive rates and time-efficient completion, you can call us for inspections, or emergency jobs for any masonry construct on your property.

From countertops to flooring to patios to the entire exterior of your home, we have the tools, knowledge, and drive to repair your masonry and ensure the same problems don’t appear again any time soon.

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