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Concrete Repair by Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC

Concrete is something that can be simple, or complicated to work with. From your basic poured slab driveway to stained concrete countertops with inlaid detailing, at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we can do the simplest or most detailed installations as well as repairs.

As concrete contractors we’re called for warped driveways, cracked foundations, and more. Whether your home is older and experiencing age-related damage, or a new installation wasn’t done properly, we can fix your problems and leave you with high-quality concrete structures that will last for years to come.

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Our Team

The Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC team is made up of dedicated concrete contractors experienced in fixing a wide array of issues with tried-and-true techniques. Fully licensed and bonded, we’re not only educated in our industry, we continue to learn every day to ensure we can provide the best possible work for our clients.

Sometimes concrete restoration just calls for concrete crack filler but in the cases that it calls for a bit more, we are equipped with all of the latest tools and technology to provide you with superior repairs. Especially when it comes to concrete foundation repair, quality results are important. Rely on the seasoned professionals at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC to get the job done!

Services we Offer

When we’re called to a client’s residence it’s rare that the person who called us knows exactly what needs to be done. That is why an initial assessment is so crucial. When we come to your home we’ll determine whether or not your concrete structure or slab requires repair, resurfacing, or replacing.


The best thing you can hear after an assessment is that a few minor repairs are necessary. As concrete driveway contractors we deal with aged cracking driveways most often, and when it comes to driveway crack repair we’re the experts!

In the case of indoor repairs such as countertops or floors, we’re able to match original styles and colors to give you exceptional results.


When a driveway is damaged but not so far-gone that it needs a full replacement, resurfacing is your budget-friendly option. We’ll fix any minor cracking and power wash the surface before applying a new smooth layer of concrete over top. Your driveway or parking pad will look just like new when we’re finished—and for half the price (if not less) of a full replacement!


At Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we’re full-service concrete contractors. Breakage and cracks in concrete are no problem for us to fix but unfortunately concrete was just installed badly or is too old for a quick fix. We’ll provide you with the best materials as well as the most competitive pricing for any replacements you need!

Concrete Contractors Who Care

Every member of the Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC team prides themselves in being able to provide top-notch craftsmanship, and a high level of customer service.

We’ll always find a way to get you the most competitive pricing on the materials you need and work within your budget and timeframe to complete the job successfully—exactly the way you want it.

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