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Stained Concrete by Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC

When you think of concrete flooring what is your first thought? For many, it’s a utilitarian image of grey floors in an industrial space or a basement. But at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we’re ready to show you that couldn’t be further from the truth!

At Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC, we create impressive stained and polished concrete flooring for local homeowners, and have been doing it for a number of years.

Residential concrete floors are more common that you’d imagine, and they’re gaining popularity by the day. Because of their durability, eco-friendliness, and wide range of custom options, concrete is set to become the prime option for flooring during any home renovation very soon.

Why Concrete?

There are a lot of benefits to concrete flooring aside from an amazing appearance.

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made to last
  • Affordable
  • Customizable

Concrete is the most durable material out there—in fact, it was used in the creation of the pyramids which have been around since 2589 BC. And that was the ancient version of it!

Polished and stained concrete floors are also simple to care for. Think about it—all you really need to do is mop and you’re good to go.

Best of all, when you’re installing your floor you’ll have endless stained concrete colors and patterns to choose from. Imitate natural stone, or think outside of the box and design something entirely new in whatever color and pattern you like. If you don’t already love concrete flooring, you will soon!

Indoor or Outdoor Uses

Being such a durable material, concrete floors in homes are not the only use for stained concrete. You can also take a step outside your home and use it on your patio. A decorative concrete patio is an amazing addition to any home.

You can try out stamping to imitate flagstone, brick, or limestone, or you can even create a cracked earth or cork look. With an acid washed look, your sandy peach inspired pool deck and patio will be the best on the block.

Efficient in Cost and Time

At Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC, we do our best to provide our clients with the best materials, highest quality installation, and most affordable pricing around. A quick comparison of average costs will give you an idea of how amazing stained concrete floors are for the wallet.

A natural marble floor will cost you $10-20 per square foot, but the cost of concrete flooring that imitates marble is $2-4 per square foot!

On top of this, you’ll be looking at half the time for installation, or less.

Are You Ready to Start?

Ready to get started? Stained concrete flooring is the final touch to your interior or exterior home renovation that you never thought you needed.

Fully licensed and bonded, with years of experience in the local industry, you can count on Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC to install a floor that perfectly fits your personal style. Give us a call today and we’ll even start you off with a free on-site, no-obligation estimate for services!

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