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Concrete Construction by Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC

While early forms of concrete have been used on the Egyptian Pyramids and Roman architecture as early as 3000 BC, concrete work as we know it came along in 1824, with newer design options like colored concrete, and decorative concrete coming along in the early 1900s and countertops only starting to be built in the 1980s!

Concrete has a lot of history and has evolved greatly over the years. At Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we pride ourselves in being able to both respect the history, and continue to learn all the latest techniques to work with this versatile and durable material.

If you’re looking for local concrete contractors with a real calling for the work they do, give us a call!

The Options Are Endless

When it comes to concrete construction, the options are endless. Nearly every part of your home from the ground up can be created by professional concrete contractors, from poured concrete walls to patios to countertops and beyond.


As concrete driveway contractors, at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we’re invested in providing you with the most time and cost-efficient options for your driveway construction. At an average of $5 per square foot, concrete is an affordable and long-lasting option and can either look simple, or a bit fancier if you choose to stamp it. While this will raise the price, the results of this concrete work go far beyond concrete slab driveways and will impress all of your neighbors.


Similar to driveways, concrete patios can be as simple or as fancy as you like. As your concrete contractors about the wide variety of colors and patterns that we can create for you! Flagstone? Brick? Polished? Conservative or “out there," we can cater to you and create a patio that suits your needs as well as your style.


Working with concrete stone blocks or poured concrete, we will create the walls of your home from the ground up. At $750-$2,000 per wall, this option may seem pricier than other materials out there, but considering the money it will save you in the long run it’s well worth it. Concrete homes can look classic or modern, and save energy expenses due to their strong insulation. Not to mention, they will likely last a lifetime without require repairs. 


Concrete floors are gaining popularity in local homes and at Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we enjoy letting our clients know about all the options available to them. Polished, stained, stamped… no matter what you’d like your floor to look like, we can do that for you. When you work with residential concrete contractors, the sky’s the limit.

Creative Concrete Contractors

Concrete work can be as simple or as complicated as you like. At Green Valley Property Maintenance LLC we enjoy concrete construction of any style. Sleek and modern or stately and classic, plain grey or dyed colors, we offer full-service construction.

From start to finish, we’ll assist you with design, construction, and of course—cleanup. Dedicated to top-notch customer service, if you’re not satisfied in the end neither are we. Give us a call today to get started!

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